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You go a lot of places in your life, but you only have one home town.

I'd like to represent the people of Kaysville, my home town. In the months ahead, I'll be here to introduce myself, answer your questions, and let you know what kind of representative I'll be for you. Check back often and don't be shy. I'm always happy to talk about Kaysville!

Email Me if you have any questions.

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Rustin jessen

Meet Rustin

Rustin Jessen is a native Kaysville husband, father, and businessman. Raised just east of the Clover Club factory, he fondly recounts summer days gathering friends to cross Sander’s field, on safari to Kaysville Drug for candy and a chocolate milk at the Green Apple Cafe. Riding bikes to the end of the universe (the corner of Angel and 200 N), and stopping at a Rainbow Snow on the way home. Time marches on, and those landmarks have given way to new neighbors, new businesses, and new experiences.

Rustin’s father (Gayland Jessen) worked as a mortgage broker. His mother (Vickie Jessen) was an educator for 18 years before becoming an administrator in the Davis School District. Rustin’s mother also owned and operated the much loved groups The Young-‘Uns & Choral Collection, a group of community show choirs teaching young people to sing and perform. Gayland & Vickie currently oversee the Kaysville Memorial Day committee, producing an annual event honoring those who have fallen in service of this great nation.

After graduating from Davis High in 1999, Rustin spent a number of formative years exploring the country, meeting people, honing crafts, and ultimately looking for a place to call home. Rustin spent 7 years with Disney Parks Entertainment, supporting their world-wide slate of shows & productions. Since leaving Disney in 2009, Rustin has started and currently operates three thriving business from his office on Main Street in Kaysville. From entertainment to retail products, his companies serve clients including Disney, NFL, Gatorade/Pepsi & Urban Outfitters, on projects such as the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Billboard Music Awards, and many others.

While working at Disneyland in California, Rustin met, and fell hopelessly in love, with Janey; His wife and lifelong collaborator. Rustin & Janey have three sons, who provide no end to the adventure and comedy in their lives… but before those bundles of energy came along, Janey and Rustin had to choose where to plant roots. They both felt strongly about finding a safe place, welcoming to families, where their children could be close to loved ones. In the end, there were no people they loved more than family, and no place they loved more than Kaysville.

Rustin has a deep appreciation for the work it takes to serve a community with diverse needs and challenges. Rustin is a reliable, compassionate leader who thrives on finding creative ways to solve problems that serve the bigger picture. Bringing differing sides together for an unexpected explosion of awesome is what he does every day, because he loves it, and what he will do for Kaysville. #trustinrustin